You Found Me, Hello!

Please, before you read any further, I'd love for you to do me a huge favor: I want you to take a moment to hug yourself; you're not weird for doing this, I promise. Or better still, ask whoever is close to you for a hug (and they dare not refuse, lol).

The arms are not mine, but the hug is from me. It is a heartfelt gesture to tell you that I appreciate you finding my blog and reading it. It means the entire world to me, you have no idea, and I hope to make it worth your time.

So, a little about me: I'm Cristy L. Paterno, and I'm a new author. (A link to my book on Amazon is on the site and the reviews, so pump me!) Writing is not just a hobby to me; it's a lifestyle. Over the years, I have found that I express myself a lot better through writing than any other means. I love to write just as much as I love to stay alive. So I decided, why not start a blog?

Besides writing, other things fill my heart with joy and purpose, such as reading (what writer isn't a reader first?), poetry, country music, pets, discussing the scriptures, and creating exciting and engaging content.

So why did I decide to start a blog, and why now? Besides my love for writing and content creation in general, I wanted to communicate better with the awesome family. I'm gradually growing in the social media space. I want to be able to read your thoughts and respond to them. I want us to be friends!

I have been holding off on blogging for such a while, and, quite frankly, I have no good reasons for that; please forgive me. Considering the many ways this year has overwhelmed us all, writing has proven even more therapeutic. I hope visiting this blog would be an enjoyable pastime or even a soothing distraction for you. Also, no time like the present, right?

On this platform, I would be writing about a lot - short stories (fiction and non-fiction), inspiration from the bible, pets, the holidays, personal experiences, and even lessons from COVID-19, because that has been a massive part of all our lives this year. There's so much good stuff coming your way, and you do not want to miss any of it!

I would love to connect with every single one of you. The links to my social media handles are below this post, and you can follow me there for more great content. There is also a provision to subscribe to my newsletter, so you never miss a post on the blog. Also, feel free to leave comments, constructive criticism, and even suggestions for subsequent posts so that we can all learn from each other and grow together.

Remember, sharing is caring. Show someone that you care today by sharing the link to this site.

I assure you, they would love you for it! ❤️

Stay safe, take care, and have a splendiferous day!❤️ God bless!



P. S: Do you think we should have like a cute name for ourselves, you know, something that makes us unique and more close-knit?

The comment section is open to all your valuable comments and suggestions. I hope to hear from you soon!❤️

P.P.S: The GIFs used were obtained from different sites on Google.

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